29 April 2020

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"It’s Wednesday my dudes!!! Here’s wishing you a great one - it’s raining now, but hopefully the sun was shining over you all day today. 🤠

We love the love you’ve been showing our bagels! Your carb indulgences in our bagels are truly a testament to your sense of generosity and good-heartedness 💛. This week, we’re thrilled to be able to contribute to YWCA’s Meals-on-Wheels program which delivers yum lunches for the young, the elderly and the disabled who need some helping out!

To each one of you here, thank you so much for helping us raise 🎉 $670.10 🎉 for Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)! Whether it was through buying our bagels or by passing donations through us, we’re beyond grateful! We quite literally could not have done this without you, and once again we’ve been humbled by the power of bread. Bread feeds us, nourishes us, and brings us together and it’s amazing to see what it’s done for us so far!! We’re blown away by the support we received this week 🤩🤩" 

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