16 May 2020

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"Hey bagel buds! Hopefully you’ve had a great week, and great bread, because you are all great people!

PROMISE we’re not just saying this, you guys give us something to look forward to at the end of each week, and we’re so appreciative of this community built around bagels. Its GREAT 🤩🥯

As our bread fam continues to grow, we can only stop to marvel at the beauty of brotherhood, and how much a sense of belonging can help in troubling times. With all the crazy new conditions we’ve been getting used to, this couldn’t be more pertinent.

Justifiably, we thought it best to donate this week’s proceeds to a cause that is working to create this sense of belonging and support to a major building block of our population - our migrant workers. We’ve decided to contribute 🎉 $501 🎉 to Transient Workers Count Too - a non profit organisation toiling to ensure fair treatment for this critical faction of our society.

TWC2 provides food, helps with housing costs, and subsidises medical fees for these folks. They’re doing a fantastic job and need all the help they can get, so go visit the link in our bio to check their cause out or to donate directly 🙂

We couldn’t be more excited about all the love you showered us with with the 555, you make us LAUGH WITH JOY!!! 55555!! On that slightly delirious note, we’d link to end this transmission by wishing you a warm WELCOME TO THE #BAGELBROTHERHOOD As always, we couldn’t do this without this little community’s support. 🤘🏻💛


XOXO, AB bros"
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