25 May 2020

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"Hey buds! Seasons greetings and happy Hari Raya!! 😁 As always, thank you so much for supporting our bagel escapades in the kitchen, and doing your part for the larger community in need. The pain of lockdown stings a little extra during festive seasons, and our hearts go out to everyone who can’t be with their families and friends to celebrate.

With this in mind, we thought it fit to donate the 🎉 $406 🎉 we raised last week to an organisation that understands the power and importance of family. Seeing as we aren’t gonna be able to get our hands on bubble tea at Geylang Serai this year, we’re going to be putting all that BBT dough to an organisation that’s feeding families for the same amount of money. Go to the link in our bio to learn more! It’s a great cause!!

Till we can all slurp the sweet taste of freedom from covid-19, let’s continue to look out for each other and hold each other up in these darker days. We’ll get through this together as a #bagelbrotherhood!! 🤘🏻

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