13 July 2020

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"Hellooo Bagel Buds 🤘🏻 HAPPY MONDAY! From the team at AB, many many apologies for the radio silence over the past week - it’s been busy (in the best way!) with lots of things stacked up in the pipeline... which we’re all the more hyped to share with you guys 😎STAY TUNED IN TO OUR FREQUENCY! 📻

For everyone who turned up to volume 2 of Bagel Beats the previous Sunday, we hope you had a smashing time 🥳our lineup really brought the heat, and it was so sweet to see some of you in the flesh after such a long time! Special thanks of course to our buddies at @offdaybeers for the juicy IPAs🍻🍻 It was so much fun!! We’re working on more ways to commingle, carouse and canoodle with all of you soon 😘

All 🎉 $742 🎉 of the proceeds from bagel sales on 28th June are going again to Sayoni - an organization we’ve constantly been thrilled to support and continue to resonate with deeply. It’s been a great joy to get to know all these charities through our AB journey, and Sayoni has particularly stood out to us because of their advocacy in the LBTQ space and the empowerment of queer women.

Thank you thank you thank you for all your love and support!!!!! Don’t forget to check in on more exciting news in the coming week. Stay hydrated, look out for one another, and make sure to clean your mouth before wearing your mask.

AB fam 🥯"

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