3 July 2020

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"Hey Bagel Buds! We hope you’ve had a beautiful week! 🤘🏻🤘🏻Ever since the voting day announcement though, there’s definitely been something stirring in the air - its been hard for us over here to stay placid with the elections right round the corner!!

Every 5 years, our nation is presented with the chance to reevaluate the state of Singapore. With every election, we have an opportunity to exercise an individual impact on our collective future - one sorely missed out on if we fall prey to political apathy. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Our votes represent the level of inclusion we hope to achieve not only for ourselves, but our generation going forward.

With this in mind, we found it only appropriate to donate all 🎉 SGD531 (USD381 )🎉 from last week’s proceeds to New Naratif. As we consider voting day, the rush to make a decision might feel overwhelming. The crunch on time coupled with the lack of accessible, relevant information has created a dire need for reliable journalism - and that’s precisely what New Naratif provides. They have consistently churned out information aimed to empower citizens to make fully informed choices. They have also historically done a stellar job advocating moral, ethical, and progressive values in the region. Through its rigorous examination of our political landscape, New Naratif has understandably created significant discourse, which is especially important in our current election cycle. 

Thankfully, their reporting varies in format from videos, written articles, and even comics - all easily digestible lil nuggets of info for us! Please take some time ‪before July 10th‬ to learn about the candidates running in your constituency, their motivations, and what they aim to address in their manifestos. It’ll make this society all the better if we get ourselves involved in the process, ground up!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all the kind support you’ve shown us throughout the past few weeks!! 🥰While we continue to take care of each other, let’s also remind ourselves that it is up to us to stay in the loop, to avoid drifting through an election glassy-eyed. 

See you soon BBs, power to the people!! ✊

AB fam 🥯"

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