8 June 2020
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"Greetings Bagel Buds! CHEERS to the start of a brand new week, and here’s to hoping that you’re all feeling rested up after a sweet Sunday.

Speaking on behalf of the whole team at AB, we can safely say that everybody over here is feeling extra touched that we were able to put forward the previous week’s proceeds to funds that are making waves in crucial areas in society. THANK YOU GUYS AGAIN AND AGAIN! 💛

With your help last week, we were able to contribute a total of 🎉SGD564🎉 to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) - focused on achieving criminal justice reform that ensures the protection of Black lives, and the Sayoni Relief and Resilience Fund which is involved in helping LGBTQ+ persons affected by covid through cash grants, online support groups, and face to face counselling sessions.

In light of the calamity that seems to continue to unfold across the world, we’re seeing now more than ever the importance of doing our part to uplift areas of the global community in need. We’re thrilled to be able to raise awareness and channel funds to causes that we strongly believe in.

This is in line with AB’s vision of not only being the best bagel house out here, but also a pillar of support in scenes that are aligned with our views on the importance of inclusivity and equality. As much fun we have experimenting and building our bagel repertoire, we enjoy in building our bagel fam. Thank you again for showing us your kind support and have a great week ahead!!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻

AB 🥯"

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