5 August 2020 

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"Images of a violent explosion tore through our instagram feeds this morning, forcing us to put down whatever we were doing and process the profound destruction presented to us, mouths agape.

Being made to consider decimation on such a large scale is both awful and humbling, and it has above all, made us acutely aware of how preciously life should be savoured. Life is all about doing our best, we'd like to do our part by helping out our fellow humans suffering through incredible tragedy amidst the pandemic and a financial crisis.

AB is donating a portion of last week’s funds to Lebanon Red Cross in support of their valiant efforts mitigating the pain felt on the ground. Please go check them out, and spend a little bit of your time today reading up on other amazing organisations that are involved. More info in our bio!

Stay safe and kiss your family and friends (through your mask of course 😝) today bagel buds!

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