27 August 2021

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"Hey buds, how yall doin? 👋🏻 The past couple of weeks have been particularly dreary for us over here as we try and process the news from around the world. We’re devastated after learning about the massive 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on 14 August, causing over 2000 deaths, injuries, and severe widespread destruction. To make things worse, healthcare and rescue efforts in the poverty stricken nation have been hampered by incessant rainfall from the tropical storm compounded with aftershocks that followed.

That being said, Able Bagel has decided to contribute a portion of our share of the proceeds from our previous collab to Hope for Haiti’s Earthquake Relief fund. Hope for Haiti is a non-profit organisation with a team of Haitian staff members in-country including doctors, nurses, and program managers on the ground, who have been assisting with recovery efforts and providing much-needed medical, emergency, and essential supplies. Hope for Haiti‘s mission is to reduce poverty by empowering local leaders and to support systems of education, healthcare, access to clean water, and economic opportunity. BIG THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who have been supporting us by eating our bagels! 🥯 You give us this opportunity to give back. To learn more about Hope for Haiti, check out the link below, and it dont matter how big or small, please donate if you can 💙"
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