2 June 2020

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"How’s your week going? The past few days we’ve been feeling overwhelmed with the onslaught of distressing news. These are definitely tough times in the world, and all of this can seem like a lot to take in at times. Fear can be paralysing, and with the gruesome stories we’ve been tuned in to, inertia is completely understandable. That’s why community is important - there is power in commonality, and even more in unity.

In the past week, the riots in Minnesota swept the world up in bouts of anger and frustration. Although the uproar unfolding seems distant and infuriating because we can’t be closer involved in the process of change, the team at Able Bagel sees this as a good opportunity to take a step back. To channel the energy ignited by these events into an evaluation of the system around us and what we can do to make that better is the best course of action.

THANK YOU for helping us raise a total of 🎉 $422 🎉 last week! With those funds, we have decided to donate SGD211 each to BLVC and HOME, 2 causes that we believe in strongly. BLVC (Black Visions Collective) is committed to dismantling systems of oppression and violence, amongst many other functions, while HOME (Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics) is involved in improving the welfare and upholding the rights of migrant workers in Singapore. Despite their differing scopes, we believe that the essence of these organisations are essentially the same - empowering the marginalised and ensuring that we, as humankind, are able to move forward together in the right direction. True equality is understanding, and with these donations, we hope to get closer to understanding this great big world around us.

Be well and take care of one another.

AB 🥯"
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